From March 24th to April 10th we will not be able to accept any walk in patients

We have a walk-in Doctor available to see acute concerns on certain days

Please call 4032627787 to find out their availability

We have a walk-in Doctor available to see acute concerns on certain days

Please call 4032627787 to find out their availability

Dr. Michael Ghisel will be joining our practice in the summer of 2024 and will be accepting patients.Please call 403-262-7787 to be added to his list. In the interim we have 2 regular locum doctors who can accommodate your medical needs.

8730 Country Hills Blvd NW #250, Calgary, AB T3G 0E2

Comprehensive Medical Services

Royal Vista Clinic has all you need for every health concern you have. We’re only a 10 to 15 minutes drive if you’re within Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak, Crowfoot Crossing, Citadel, or Hawkwood. Your health is our number one priority, and our commitment is to provide you quality care.

Appointment or Medical Clinic Service

You are welcome anytime, but booking an appointment is highly recommended. There will always be a general practitioner or a family physician to attend to your most pressing health concern. You’ll receive top-notch healthcare service by feeling accommodated and listened to every second of the way. For appointments with your family doctor, our receptionist will arrange the best time that meets your schedule. Please note more than one consultation may be required depending on your health concern.

Physical Exams

You will receive tailor-fit intervention plans that include lifestyle changes, nutritional changes, and exercise regimens customized to your health needs.

We also provide:

WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board) Services

WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board) Services

At Royal Vista Clinic, we handle work-related injuries as top priority bookings. Rest assured that you will receive hassle-free quick, and efficient assessment and care so you could get back to work once you’re fit to do so. You are in safe hands with our knowledgeable WCB team.

Give us a call at 403-262-7787, so you could receive immediate assistance with processing your work-related claim. Our management team will do the work on your behalf with your company. In this way, you remove the stress from your hands as we handle things for you.

For occupational injuries, we offer disability management services with special emphasis on immediate (i.e., same-day services).

Fast Track Diagnostic Imaging

We are participating with several Radiology clinics and physician specialists near Royal Vista. As such, we can refer you to a specialist at any Diagnostic Imaging location of your choosing. You’ll also receive information regarding their private services if necessary.

Men's Health

Men can rest assured that all their male-centric health concerns will be addressed to their full extent. Our panel of medical professionals can answer any issue such as libido, andropause, and other gender-specific problems. To ensure the quality of our prognosis and diagnosis of your health concern, we may test your blood for its PSA and testosterone levels. This ensures you receive proper treatment and that you get better in a shorter amount of time.

Women's Health

Contraception and Menopause

For women, come by our clinic to discuss your birth-control options with our female physicians and medical staff. We offer consultation and give advice to those experiencing menopausal symptoms.

IUD consult, Insertion/removal

We offer IUD consults and our doctors are able to insert and remove IUD’s

Obstetrics & Prenatal Care

For expectant mothers, your and your baby’s health is our top priority. Our entire team of male and female physicians can attend to you and your baby’s needs to ensure safe and hassle-free delivery. Our comprehensive prenatal care helps mothers monitor their baby’s development from start to finish. This will help you to stay informed of any health concerns your baby may have. Most of all, we follow up with our postnatal care service to ensure you and your baby are in good and stable health after delivery.

Obstetrics & Prenatal Care

Doctors and health professionals work in tandem together. You may be referred to our medical clinic to talk about your health concern in greater detail.

You will be informed and educated to understand the medicines you take and the plan laid out for you:

A Certified Diabetes Educator works in conjunction with your doctor to help you manage your diabetes, including helping you:

Connect with a Health Management Nurse

You will receive a personal health action plan from our expert health management nurse to manage your health condition. Our health management nurses are experts in handling nutrition and exercise-related queries to address chronic issues like:

Behavioural Health

Our Behavioural Health Consultant is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse who is available to discuss your health concerns and provide short term support for:

Annual Flu Vaccinations

Annual Flu Vaccinations - Royal Vista Medical Clinic

The vaccination schedule begins in late October and goes through until December. There is no charge for any holder of valid provincial health care from any Canadian province. Please contact us for more details.

Use this form and book your appointment or call our medical clinic reception at 403-262-7787. We offer standard vaccination to children, adults, and seniors.

Royal Vista clinic delivers the same vaccination as you would receive from any public health clinic. All treatments are administered by a certified physician.

Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance

At Royal Vista Clinic, we offer a thorough and well-rounded approach to health. Our healthcare service is unparalleled due to our commitment and mission to provide quality healthcare to our patients.

Our health surveillance includes pulmonary function tests to rule out asthma, COPD, or any other lung condition.

For women, we offer a routine mammogram, and pap smear to optimize their health.

Post-Acute Care Follow Up

After surgery or intense medical treatment in the hospital, you may still require post-acute care and follow-up. This may include ongoing pain management and psychological support to manage physical and emotional symptoms. We provide resources such as behavioural therapy and access to chronic care and living well programs.

Your health is in good hands at Royal Vista clinic. Call us and approach our friendly staff with any of your health concerns, and we will be prompt with addressing them in a fast and timely manner. Our mission is to cater to your every physical, mental, and emotional need. And we have the team and expertise to do that. Experience a better way of living by trusting your health with Royal Vista.

Complex Care

Patients with complex medical conditions receive top priority and assistance. We pride ourselves at Royal Vista on having highly-qualified physicians and health coaches for complex cases. We resolve and assist patients with several chronic and pre-existing conditions by recruiting several physicians and health care professionals to cater to your every health need.

It’s our mission and passion to leave you better than you came through our doors. We do this in and out of the clinic. Inside our doors, you will receive the utmost care you’ll ever experience. Outside, we watch over your shoulder by checking up on you and your health.

Our medical assistants may call you to know how well you are doing.

Our doctors can often help administer and suggest avenues of treatment for patients whose chronic health conditions require the attention and delivery of a complex care program.

Cancer Screening

Detecting the onset of cancer is of utmost importance to us. As such, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment for diagnostic imaging or screening immediately if you feel any symptoms.

Upon informing us that you suspect something, our medical clinic staff will attend to it immediately in a number of ways.

First, they’ll book an appointment with either an in-house doctor or a specialist with one of our participating providers nearby.

Second, you may be asked to have a biopsy to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

We prioritize your health and life above all else. So, it is our moral and medical duty to catch cancer at its early onset to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

It’s best not to self-diagnose. Please come immediately to Royal Vista to talk to one of our highly-qualified medical professionals. They will take good care of you and guide you every step of the way.

Apart from medical treatment and care, you will receive emotional and psychological counselling to assist you throughout this time. Every patient that enters our doorstep is important to us.

Advanced Respirology

Within our clinic, we are privileged to collaborate with Advanced Respirology and it allows us to provide fast Lung function tests, 24hr BP monitors, sleep studies, CPAP counselling and initiation. This is all done onsite. If needed we can get a quick referral out to an Internist, Pulmonologist & Allergist.

Royal Vista Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Bhangra has collaborated with two highly skilled professionals to offer a variety of aesthetic services.

Nina Lefebvre established her business FaceBarYYC and recently moved within the clinic

Andrea Niven established BeautyCallYYC  providing injectables

Along with Dr. Bhangra the recently acquired In mode offers IPL hair removal and the exciting Morpheus8.

Appointment Cancellations

To be fair to all patients, please cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance. In this way, we can inform other patients of the opened free slot. A late fee will be charged if you miss or fail to inform us before 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.

Special Holiday Work Hours

Closed during holidays

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